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    The Asa Parker House comes with the beautiful community and landscapes of Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. Marine is located on the scenic St. Croix River on MN-95, 12 miles north of 36, 10 miles from Stillwater. It's the oldest civilian settlement in Minnesota and in 1838, became the site of the state's first commercial sawmill, which was also the state's first industry.


    Photography by Kristinhovden, Wikipedia.

    Skiing Wonderland

    Jessie Diggins won America's first gold in Olympic cross-country skiing in 2018. She grew up learning to ski along the St. Croix River Valley with her teammate Kikkan Randall on historic ski trails carved out by locals themselves, which are open for all to enjoy.

    Nature Haven

    Acres of diverse parkland and reserves preserve the natural fauna and flora of Minnesota. Parks such as Big Marine Park Reserve and St. Croix State Park allow visitors to engage in recreational and conservation activities and appreciate the natural world.

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